Jennifer Bentson, Artist to the Oaks

I am a product of Glendale, CA.  That means I was born in Glendale, completed school through Glendale Unified School District and have lived most of my life in Glendale.  As a child I would wander through Descanso Gardens and breathe in the air of oak trees and flowers.  My love for the outdoors has continued throughout my life and has been a place for rejuvenation, relaxation and artistic inspiration.

Glendale was the home of my business, Network  Career Counseling, where for 30 years I assisted disabled and divorced people adjust their occupations to meet current situations.

I have painted as a hobby from 1970 to 2011 when I chose to pursue my art career full time.  I have also received several commissions and have work in permanent collections including, Caltech, The State of California,  Lister and Martin Law Firm,  and private collectors.  My current project is “California Oaks as Art” and has recently been produced into a short film.  I have presented my artwork to the Los Angeles County Arboretum, Chevy Chase Garden Club, and have been featured in the California Poppy  Magazine.  I have exhibited all over the Los Angeles area and have won the Windsor Newton Painting Award, 2012; as well as many other awards. In 2015-6 I received a grant from the City of Pasadena to create a book of “Pasadena Oaks” ( available at Amazon.com) and exhibit my works in the Main Library, and CALTECH.  The Yosemite Conservancy chose me to offer a week long workshop in Yosemite on Watercolor Painting.  I have written a how to book covering this topic as well.